young people in recovery


Young People in Recovery is a national grass roots non-profit organization that advocates for better access to treatment and for other recovery related resources including housing, employment and education people in or seeking recovery.

Recovery Support in Lewistown


TORCH offers a variety of support resources for those in recovery or seeking recovery including bible study, Celebrate Recovery, Young People in Recovery, social activities and many ways to get involved in the reovery community.              

Family support


TORCH offers family support for those who have a loved one with a substance use disorder.  TORCH recognizes that addiction is a family disease and offers incredible support to family members including one meeting a week dedicated to families dealing with addiction.

Together Our Recovery Center Heals

517 W. Janeaux

Lewistown, Montana


TORCH is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of volunteers working within our community to promote recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction through advocacy, education and service. TORCH “puts a face on recovery” by providing recovery support services in Lewistown that connect people to resources thus inspiring hope and healing. TORCH works to end the discrimination that surrounds recovery and ensures that those in recovery are treated with dignity and respect.